Staff Charter

Thousands of teams in organisations around the world each day flounder unnecessarily for too long – and some flounder forever. There is one simple practice that can improve the results of any team. That practice is team chartering.

When teams are beset with issues like

  • Low attendance or frequent sick days
  • Low engagement, sluggish or apathetic employees
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Disengagement: You hear things like
    • “I don’t know what’s going on”
    • “I feel left out” 
    • “That doesn’t suit me” OR
  • You don’t hear from them – radio silence, crickets.
  • Staff don’t have as many ideas as they used to
  • Working long hours or won’t take a day off

…a team charter can be developed in a couple of meetings and can affect the rest of the year. 

Contact Cath to organise dates for developing your staff charter. 

Charters developed with school staff