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Allocating quality mentors for early career teachers poses a real challenge for all principals, but particularly for those in small, rural and remote schools.

A scarcity of mentors due to many factors, including numbers and experience, can mean that early career teachers are left to navigate the complexities of their profession without adequate guidance.


Even in larger schools, the workload on seasoned educators can make it difficult for them to commit the time and energy necessary for effective mentoring.


The covid pandemic accelerated to opportunities to work online and can afford teachers in remote schools the same opportunities that their city colleagues enjoy –  access to a quality mentor at a time that suits them.


Principals, especially in small, rural and remote schools, cannot be expected to provide everything needed for the professional development and growth of their teaching team, while also demonstrating a commitment to the well-being and success of their staff.


An external online mentor can take the pressure of principals by providing an additional layer of support for early career teachers. Well-supported teachers are more likely to excel in their roles, leading to improved student achievement and satisfaction, which in turn influences the school’s reputation and student outcomes.


Providing an external mentor reflects a forward-thinking approach to leadership in this digital age, emphasizing the importance of investing in staff to create a thriving educational community.

How it works:

Principals and early career teachers can read the Mentor profiles below and choose a suitable option.


A complimentary introductory session can be organised by directly contacting the mentor, to determine if the teacher and mentor are a “good fit.” This session is usually 30 minutes.


If the teacher would like to proceed, they can choose from the following options:

·      Individual pay as you go sessions        $200 a session 

·      Package of 4 sessions                          $700

·      Package of 8 sessions                          $1500

·      Package of 10 sessions                        $1800

·      Package of 12 sessions                        $2100

Sessions are usually an hour long, and can be used flexibly across the year.

For example, a teacher might use more sessions early in the year or around specific school events, such as reporting, and less sessions later in the year.



For more details, contact Cath on

P 0423959297


Mentor profiles

Cath  Grealy is an experienced educator. She has extensive experience as  an Early Childhood Teacher, Primary Teacher,  Curriculum Support Teacher, Education Officer: Curriculum and Senior Education officer: Teacher Quality.

Cath’s qualifications include: Diploma of Teaching (E.C.). Bachelor of Educational Studies, Master of Learning Innovation and she is an Accredited Coach with Growth Coaching International.  

As well as extensive experience as a primary teacher and teacher librarian, Helen Leeson has held a range of leadership positions, including, Assistant Principal (RE) and Head of Primary and regional positions of Education Officer: Curriculum, Senior Education Officer:  Curriculum and Lead Education Advisor. 

Along with her initial Diploma of Teaching  and Graduate Diploma (RE), she has a Masters in Teacher Librarianship. Helen is an Accredited Coach with Growth Coaching International. 

Paul Drewniak has been an exemplary principal for 20 years, receiving the Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence Award for Leadership in 2018. 

As principal across several schools, Paul has expertise in supporting students from CALD backgrounds and those with disability. While  principal he promoted professional learning to build the capability of his staff. 

Paul has gained several qualifications including Diploma of Teaching, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts: Theology. 

Nicole De Demenico is currently working part time in a primary school. She has specialities of PE and Inclusion teaching. In her spare time, she coaches a basketball team. 

Nicole’s qualifications include a Diploma of Teaching and she is an Accredited Coach with Growth Coaching International. 

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p 0423959297   

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