Leadership Protocol workshops

What is the cost of your top people not working well together? Is it worth spending 2 hours/term to build the team?

Instead of the usual leadership practice of sending out directives and then chasing and nagging everyone to complete their jobs on time….your team could have a consistent leadership practice with built-in accountability that keeps responsibility where it belongs. This means, they can get on with their own work, feeling confident that everyone else is doing their work well and on time!

How? You ask… 

Once a term, your entire leadership team comes together for just two hours. Based on your most pressing issue, we workshop a protocol to address that issue. The whole team then uses the protocol consistently across the organisation.

Having a common way of working will bring an element of predictability, reliability and steadiness to the leadership team that will pervade the whole organisation.

What is your most pressing issue?

Indecision? Low productivity/performance? Backlash to proposed changes? Team conflict? Unprofessional behaviour? Deadlines missed? Other?