Goal Setting

Over the past five years I have worked with over 1000 teachers to set their goals.

Goal setting with teachers is a time consuming yet essential task for every principal.   

You could efficiently complete this important work in record time, by providing staff with “thinking time” around their goals with an accredited coach.   

 In less than an hour, each teacher can have have a goal completed with a clear action plan.   

By the end of the day, the leadership team will have a copy of each teacher’s goals with a section for a 15-minute review at the end of the year.   

Contact Cath to discuss your goal setting needs, so you can feel relaxed and accomplished at the same time!  

 Click here to see other goal setting options to suit you school: 

 – individual goal setting with an accredited coach

– online sessions available for remote schools

– workshops for teachers as preparation to be peer coaches for goal setting

– all materials for a ‘Do it Yourself” peer goal setting workshop