Forming Teaching Teams

To accelerate positive change in your organisation, foster a climate of working together. 

In one team, members work together toward common goals.
In another, it’s everyone for themselves.
In one team, members assume responsibility for the team’s
In another, they blame each other and administrators for

Good people work in every team, but some teams are more effective than others. The difference is the culture. Team members who work in groups with strong collaborative cultures behave differently from those who depend on administrators to create the conditions of their work. In collaborative cultures, team members exercise creative leadership together and take responsibility for helping achieve goals.

Set your teams up for successful collaboration with a Team Formation Session. Contact Cath to discuss how the session could work in your context. 

Here are some ideas for Team Formation workshops.

Depending upon your needs and context, the final design can be negotiated.



Learning Outcomes:

As a result of participating in the workshops, teams will know each other better, have broad team goals for the year, and have laid foundations for productive collaboration.  


Format and Duration:

Each workshop is a series of facilitated group discussions and runs for approx. one and a half hours.


Materials and Resources:

All materials are supplied by the facilitator. No prior preparation by participants is required.



These workshops are for existing or future teaching teams. Several teams can attend simultaneously, depending, of course, on substitute/relief teacher availability.



The workshops can be held at your school during the day or as a staff meeting.



Facilitation of a one and a half hour workshop is $300 per team.


Post-Workshop Support:

Follow up workshops can be negotiated for teams that change membership during the year, or who may need a refresher.