You know your team is full of excellent hardworking quality people, but could they benefit from specific professional development on consultancy? 

My training program Develop Your Expertise 2: Consultancy Training is guaranteed to improve the job performance and satisfaction of your team members and enhance your creditability and reputation.

This program is designed for people who:

  • lead a group of Education Officers/Consultants/School Support staff
  • lead of a team that supports other professionals
  • support other professionals
  • lead system initiatives

 The content is designed to further enable your team to support schools to:

  • improve student outcomes
  • enhance teacher effectiveness
  • promote innovative practices
  • address equity and diversity issues
  • improve school climate and culture
  • support school improvement efforts
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.My training will up skill your team of consultants, providing them with the tools to improve their performance through:

  • expert contracting, incorporating context and negotiating alignment on targeted outcomes and timelines
  • declaring their roles and managing realistic expectations
  • being equipped with consultancy tools, skills and consultancy concepts that will help them solve the variety of problems they face
  • enhance their ability to communicate and collaborate


When your team is confident and competent, your day-to-day can be different. 


How has your day been today? 


Were you

  • dealing with complaints from schools that have a different idea about the support they thought they should have from your team
  • constantly interrupting your own work to talk to your team members about their frustrations of dealing with schools

OR would you rather be

  • receiving compliments about your team
  • looking at the strategic plan and working out how to make it all happen
Does my team even need professional development?
Your questions answered

Download the course outline here.

Cost: $3000 per day per group of up to 20. 


If you feel you are not yet ready to commit to the whole course, you can trial a free half day workshop. 


Contact Cath to 

  • organise a free trial
  • have a free consultation about your particular context
  • negotiate how to personalise the course for your requirements

p. 0423959297 or e. 


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