Building a Coaching Culture

Introducing coaching to a whole school takes time and begins with a first step. 

What is a coaching culture?

When we think about building a coaching culture, we think about ‘the way we do things around here.’

Culture (the way we do things around here) + Coaching = Coaching Culture.

A coaching culture can be defined as the majority of people in the organisation using coaching techniques and principles. Importantly this includes: strong listening and questioning skills, to bring out the best in individuals and teams.  

In addition, the coaching approach is the common way of engaging in conversations. In contrast to telling people what to do, giving advice, mentoring and other techniques.

Developing coaching skills in the workplace has become increasingly important because:

  • Organisations are calling on people to deliver more with less resources
  • Managers have great technical skills but are sometimes lacking in people skills
  • People enjoy being motivated and engaged at work;
  • Coaching taps into the potential of people to grow and develop them