About Cath

My mission is to bring the coaching experience to everyone. Everyone deserves a coach.

Coaching is not for everyone. it is only for leaders who want to build their own and others’ capability.

I believe that everyone can learn and be successful and this is the philosophy that underpins my approach to working with my clients.

My background is in Education where I’ve coached teachers, principals and senior leaders across many different schools in Brisbane. My clients have had successes and breakthroughs when working with me as my coaching style is client centred and is based on experience that there is always a way through.

I have used my expertise to coach people from a range of different industries such as Government, Health and the Media in Brisbane because many of the issues people seek coaching for are similar.

​Clients have worked with me for a host of reasons, often to work out how to get a new team to work well together, how to turn around stressful personality clashes, as well as how to up skill for a new role such as becoming a manager for the first time.

​It is important that my clients feel our styles suit each other, so I provide a free initial session. Sessions are usually around one hour, but they can be longer or as short as 20 minutes and are always completely confidential.

To arrange your free session, please email cath@cathgrealycoaching.com  or visit my services page for a full schedule of services and pricing.