Cath Grealy Coaching

Turn the team you have into the team you need

My mission is to bring the coaching experience to everyone. Everyone deserves a coach. 

Coaching is not for everyone. It is only for leaders who want to build their own and others’ capability. 

I believe that everyone can learn and be successful and this is the philosophy that underpins my approach to working with my clients.

Professional learning catalogue

Executive coaching, consulting and professional learning that will;

  • Unify your teams
  • Discern key directions and expectations
  • Deal with conflict and underperformance
  • Build staff capability and motivation
  • Sustain change
  • Foster constructive culture 
  • Improve student results

Executive and team coaching

The silver bullet that makes everyone (including you!) more productive –  Coaching.

Coaching can help you sustain change, build culture and improve student results.

Leadership Team formation

When there are changes in your leadership team, or you need more consistency across your school, Protocol Workshops will recast your leadership team into a united front.

Happy business team at desk in office

Collaborative skills

When the staff you have are not operating like the teams you need, formation sessions will create cohesion, harmony and productivity.

New goals, Start new year, planning and setting goals

Goal Setting, Vision, Mission, Charter

When you are wondering what your next step should be, visioning can help you translate your ideas into observable behaviours.

Building Capability

When new guidelines call for new skills, you need professional learning that is specifically designed for your context and staff.

Dealing with conflict and staff performance

When you are tearing your hair out over staff conflict or underperformance, these proven protocols will save the day.

Cath GRealy Coaching